Are we living in a computer simulation?


Do you think our advanced descendants are stupid enough to let us realize what’s going on? If they found out that we knew, they might just switch us off. 


Ridiculous? Not a bit of it.


"A human group believes that we are living in a computer simulation and desires to verify it. Therefore, they have launched a mysterious project called: “The H1V3: Bug-Y21K11“ and are searching for volunteers to help them to collect data in our surroundings."... ...

An interactive and immersive experience.*

Ticket Reservation (Free of charge and only for ZHdK-Members)

Date: Saturday, 24 April 2021​

Location:   Toni-Areal,Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8005 Zurich

Slot 1:     6p.m.- 7p.m. (fully booked)    


​Slot 2:     7:15p.m.- 8:15p.m. (fully booked)

Date: Saturday, 08 May  2021

Location:   Toni-Areal,Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8005 Zurich

Slot 1:     6p.m.- 7p.m. (fully booked)       

Slot 2:     7:15p.m.- 8:15p.m. (fully booked




* Language: German.

A Ticket will be sent to you via mail a few days before the event.

Concept and Idea:          Wessely Tan


Scenography:               Wessely Tan

Sound design:              Wessely Tan,

                           Benjamin Berardi

Graphic design:            Naemi Jael Marty,

                           Wessely Tan


Illustration/3D/Website:   Wessely Tan


Mentor:                    Dominic Huber




Special thanks:            Jana Brändle, 

                           Kendra Alder,

                           Naemi Jael Marty,

                           Nadia Fistarol,

                           Klara Mand,

                           Ashley Chau,

                           Marcus Pericin,

                           Florian Bachmann,



                           Family and friends,

                           and many more.